Dubia Roach Colonies and Supplies for Sale

Dubia Roach Supplies for sale
Dubia Roach Colonies and Supplies

Dubia roaches can easily become an invaluable renewable feeder for your reptiles and amphibians if you provide them with the right environment. Below you will find our recommended dubia roach supplies, including everything you need to become extremely successful at breeding them.

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Adult Dubia Roach Colonies
Our adult Dubia starter colonies are the easiest and most cost effective way to start breeding your own
endless supply of Dubia feeders! No more trips to the pet store for costly crickets. Our "colony in a box" will get you started immediately with everything you need to produce a thriving colony. The adult roaches you will receive come directly from our breeding stock, so you will receive adult females that are already pregnant and will be producing your own roaches in a matter of days!

Each Dubia roach starter colony comes with:

(1) Simple set up instructions
(2) Premium roach diet
(3) Water crystals
(4) Water crystal application bottle
(5) Egg crates custom cut to your colony size
(6) Food and water crystal tray
(7) Dubia roaches (select quantity below)

Select either small, medium, or large, depending on the size of colony you require. If you are only feeding a single animal, a small colony will quickly supply you with plenty of Dubias for your pet. If you have 2-4 animals, a medium colony will keep you amply supplied with feeders. If you have a collection of five or more animals (or larger ones), we recommend a large colony to provide you with a sufficient number of continuous feeder Dubias.

Small Adult "Colony in a Box": 12 Adult Females, 10 adult males
Includes: 8 ounces premium roach diet, 2 ounces water crystals


Medium Adult "Colony in a Box": 30 Adult Females, 10 adult males
Includes: 1lb premium roach diet, 4 ounces water crystals


Large Adult "Colony in a Box": 60 Adult Females, 15 Adult Males
Includes: 2lb premium roach diet, 6 ounces water crystals


Water Crystals
Water crystals are a safe and pure method for providing water for your dubia roaches. One ounce of water crystals will absorb one gallon of water. All that is necessary is adding water, and waiting several minutes. After the crystals have absorbed the water, they can be added to the roach enclosure.


Water Crystals Application Bottle
These application bottles are ideal for easily adding wet water crystals to the roach feeding tray.


Roach Diet
It's important to make sure your roaches are fed a high quality diet because this nutrition is passed on to your reptiles and amphibians. This special diet is scientifically engineered for its ability to add mass and nutrition to your dubia roaches.


Roach Heat Pads
These ready to plug in heat pads are ideal for heat-loving dubia roaches. The warmer they are, the faster they grow and reproduce. A must for serious dubia roach breeders. All heat pads are 24" in length, and we have two sizes: 3-inch and 11-inch.


Egg Crates
Egg crates are ideal cover and laying medium for your dubia roaches. They also absorb excess moisture which makes cleaning and maintaining their enclosure a breeze. They also provide an ideal way to move your roaches en masse.


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